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Registered Charity no. 202516



The Eventide Homes is a Charitable Trust (Registered Charity no. 202516) . It is regulated by a Trust Deed, which governs the running of the charity and the constitution of the Board of Trustees.

The Homes are currently administered by two ex-officio and up to twelve co-opted Trustees, the latter each serving for a term of four years, apart from the Chairman and Vice-Chairman who are elected each year. They may apply for re-election at the end of each four-year term.   

 The day to day running of Eventide Homes is overseen by a Resident's Manager and a Chief Executive Officer.  In order to ensure that compliance with relevant legislation and regulations is achieved and best practice is followed, the Charity takes external legal and other advice as appropriate on particular issues.  


The principal objectives of the Charity are to ensure that it continues to serve those in genuine need of almshouse accommodation, that the Homes are maintained to modern standards in order to provide an acceptable quality of life for the residents, and that the Charity is properly funded and administered. 

The Trustees aim to enhance the quality of life of the residents by providing well maintained homes, attractive grounds on the estate and a community hall for social & recreational use.

Donations  and  Legacies

We welcome donations from private individuals, charitable trusts and corporate bodies.   

You could also help the work of the Charity by leaving a legacy in your Will. This would really make a difference to our future, so if you feel able to do so, please do consider it. We can advise on how to do this.


The Eventide Homes 


Janet Edgecombe (President)

Kenneth Mantock (Chair)

Dennis Roots (Vice Chair) 

Anne Rey

Dr Tony Benson MBBS MRCGP

Robert Hucklesby

Paul Freeman

Rev Paul Renyard

Deborah Mantock

Management Team

Joe Waters (Chief Executive Officer)

Dawn Knight (Resident's Manager)

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