57a Edgecombe Gardens, 605 Castle Lane West, Bournemouth, Dorset BH8 9TW GB

01202 515399

Registered Charity no. 202516



The Eventide Homes was founded as an almshouse charity in 1935 by the then Mayor of Bournemouth, Alderman J R Edgecombe.

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The Homes


The management team oversee the maintenance of the homes and provide support to residents’ welfare on a day-to-day basis. The team also facilitate a varied programme of activities, to maximise the residents’ quality of life and produce a good community

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Apply for Housing

The Eventide Homes comprise of 73  individual dwellings at Edgecombe Gardens in Castle Lane West, Bournemouth. The homes are provided for people of state pensionable age in need of assistance in the provision of a home. To be eligible to live at Edgecombe Gardens, applicants must be: 

  • Of State Pensionable age (applicants over 60 will be considered if retired early for health reasons)
  • Not in paid employment of limited financial means eligible for Housing Benefit in good health & living independently.

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Making a difference


"I am a keen gardener and was sorry to leave a garden behind that I had spent years improving, so was delighted to become a member of the gardening club, this has provided me with as much gardening as I want to do and to make new friends within the club. 

I don't miss my old garden at all. There is a great community spirit here and it is great to feel accepted and appreciated. I enjoy the joy the garden brings to the residents and am happy to help keep these beautiful gardens in tip-top shape.


Reg Hawkes,



“As a result of having to leave tied-accommodation, I had to find somewhere else to live.  During such a difficult time, Eventide Homes came highly recommended.  Since moving in, I have made lots of friends and with there being such a sociable community, there is always plenty to do”. 

Olive West,